Updated as of 4/24/2024 17:04:24 UTC


Daily Trading Signals

Súgradh offers daily trading signals for a portfolios of ETFs.


Súgradh uses a variety of strategies to generate trading signals for two portfolios.

The Playground portfolio uses a combination of wavelets and other statistical methods to identify good entry and exits. The Sleep Well portfolio uses a momentum indicator with minimum variance allocation to generate weekly trading positions and is intended to be traded at the open on the first trading day of the week.

The use of leveraged and un-leveraged ETFs are targeted for being cost-effective, highly liquid, and easily accessible across most brokerage platforms. All positions and adjustments are taken daily at the open.

What you get

Prior to the daily trading session, you will receive an email detailing the allocation the portfolios will transition to at the open.

Portfolio APR 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Playground 41.33% 16.06% 40.07% 51.10%
SleepWell 12.34% 9.96% 6.35% 8.41%