Strategy - CalendarTrend

Calendar Trend Signal


The VFINX mutual fund tracks the S&P500 closely. Here it is used a good signal asset for general investing.

The signal is generated using a simple calendar and 9 month trend. The calendar favors the months from November to May. The graph above represents buying VFINX when in RiskOn mode.

This is only evaluated at the end of each month.

When in RiskOff mode extra caution should be taken in the markets.

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Strategy - Hanly

Hanly's Accelerating Dual Momentum


The Hanly strategy is based on the work of swhanly and Gary Antonacci

This uses the following risk-on assets: VFINX, VINEX, with VUSTX being the risk off haven It will buy one risk-on asset at a time.

Trading happens on the Close of the signal day, the last trading day of the month

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